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Selling Your Preloved Dress


  • HOW DO I SELL MY DRESS? - Fill out the form below, which will give us all the relevant information about your dress and once we belive it will be a successul sale we will be in contact with you to organise a drop off time.
  • HOW LONG IS MY DRESS ON YOUR WEBSITE? - We will advertise your dress for up to 6 months, after which time you can decide to take back your dress or continue to sell again with us for another 6 months.
  • DO YOU CHARGE COMMISSION? -  Yes we do, usually 40%, this is to cover dress bags and other business costs. Once your dress is sold (yay) we will transfer 60% of the sale price into your bank account and retain 40% commission. 
  • CAN I SELL MY BRIDAL ACCESSORIES? -Yes you can, just let us know what you have in the form below.

  • HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SELL MY WEDDING DRESS? - That depends on the designer, style and price of the gown. If your dress does not sell within the 6 months, we recommend lowering the value. Alternatively, if you give permission, we can negotiate on your behalf. But while we have the dress in store we keep feedback from brides to relay back to you. 

  • WHAT KIND OF DRESSES DO YOU ACCEPT? - For a successful sale we look for dresses that are in excellent condition and have been dry-cleaned. Additionally an original purchase price of $1200 or more and has been purchased in the last 3 years. These dresses sell the best, but if your dress style is still trending we are open to selling. 

  • DO YOU USE PICTURES TO ADVERTISE MY DRESS? - ABSOLUTELY, we love to hear about the stories of your big day and how you met your partner. They go hand in hand with selling your dress. (If you have images of the front, back and detail of your dress professionally done what would be perfect.)

  • HOW DO YOU WORK OUT WHAT PRICE TO SELL MY DRESS FOR? - We understand your dress will be priceless in your eyes so we try to be sensitive to this, however in monetary value your dress usually sells for 50% or less of what you originally paid. So we will help you chose the right price of your dress and advise on what we think it will sell for. We would never sell it for less than agreed upon unless you give us permission to negotiate on your behalf.