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- Niamh is an Irish feminine given name -Meaning "bright" or "radiant". 

 Anglicised as Neeve

A brand for the brides who are true to themselves and who want to bring their true selves to light.

We are here for the brides who want to feel happy with what they wear and who they are. 

We love the brides who want to wear  something a little different, or want to be  a little different. 


Those who choose to stand out we see you.

Those who choose to blend in, we see you. 


Brides who want to be flawless and radiant doing whatever they want. 

So we plan on introducing this idea to Perth Brides and making sure they feel like their true authentic selves on their wedding day and inspiring brides everywhere to do whatever the hell you want. 

Niamh from Neeve
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